The 1st forum
July 1995


Former development charge of MARUSHO LILAC
Mr.Eiji Hayashi

Former work rider
Mr. Tsutomu Kawai

Former technical charge
Mr. Yoshikazu Itoh

We enjoyed talking of instant 2 hours.He said "the time when I designed LILAC was the happiest" and He talked about the spirit of making things and the story to conflict with subtleties of the life

The 2nd forum
August 1995


Former work rider of HONDA

Yamashita tells Nagoya TT race, Asama race, to the Suzuka world GP race from from dirt course race of Hamamatsu park after the war.

The 3rd forum
August 1996


Former HONDA CB series development charge
Mr.Tadashi Kamiya

Former vice-president of HRC
Yohichi Oguma

They spoke the development story that they were going with race to the Suzuka Race from Asama race.

The 4th forum
August 1997


Former Motorcycle Development Officer of SUZUKI
Mr.Etsuo Yokouchi

He entered SUZUKI in 1957.He developed six-speed gearboxes of SUZUKI T20 for USA. He developed SUZUKI GT380 and GT750. He developed the road racer and motocrosser from 1974. He took the world championship in two years. He told a hard luck story at that time.