Alteration work in 2010

This is special report of one of annual club events we all enjoy and wait. It has been two years since we renewed our display in April 2008. Our neighborhood Mt. Asama who erupted in the beginning of 2009 did not permit our access to the cottage that is located within hazard area, and our club could not carry out alterations in 2009.

Now in April 2010, what we found in the area was unusually thick snow we do not have this time of year.

Also, past experience tells that our memorial cottage is occasionally covered by heavy snow in spring. I decided to drive my 4WD vehicle with snow tires.
I enjoyed smooth cruise Friday afternoon, and the traffic was not so busy.

I could afford to enjoy cherry blossoms together with falling snow, on the way to Kita-Karuizawa district.

Route 18 showed me similar landscape but local temperature was Minus 2 deg.C.
More snow was there, after my supper at a noodle shop at lower Karuizawa.

Paved roads were completely covered by snow instantly.

At Minenochaya peak with more altitude, temperature went down to 4 deg.C below zero, where even local people are driving quite carefully
Fortunately I could check in the lodge but could find only one lad from the club. He left Nara very early and drove his heavy truck more than 400km.

Time went by, but nobody else showed up. Corresponding by phone and SMS, we came to know everybody was okay but they cannot come up to Kita-Karuizawa from where they are.

Overnight, snow accumulated up to 30cm.
Regulated by traffic, one member had no option but to stay in his car until morning comes. Others also gave up traveling any further and found local inns to stay, or decided to leave home later.
Impacted by snow, we could start the job many hours later than originally scheduled. Furthermore, the first thing to do was to get rid or snow from paths and balconies.
Guys are still struggling with snow over lunch time.
LetŐs rush to finish our job!
OK, remove the displayed motorcycles, and clean up the floor. When do the owners come and pick up?
Newly coming motorcycles are lifted down for inspection and documentation.
Photo session follows.
We help each other and clean and shine valuable motorcycles, to be displayed like this.